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The Trucking Cheatcode has developed a curriculum that is easy to follow.

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We will teach you A-Z what it means to be a independent dispatcher. In this class, you will learn the following:

  • How to set up your dispatch company with the proper structure.

  • How to set yourself apart from the average dispatcher.

  • What type of trucks need dispatch?

  • How to identify trucks and companies that need your service.

  • How to communicate with brokers and shippers.

  • And lots more!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to the Trucking Cheat Code

    • Intro

    • Motivational Minute

    • Eric Ball Welcome

    • Damien Jones Welcome

    • Teeuna White Welcome

  • 2

    Intro to Trucking

    • Industry Overview

  • 3

    Different Types of Trucking

    • Trailer Types

    • Load Out Trailers and Drop and Hook

  • 4

    Starting a Dispatch Company

    • Starting a Dispatch Company

  • 5

    Customers Acqusition

    • Customers

  • 6


    • Dispatcher

  • 7

    Beyond Dispatching

    • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

    • Permit Reporting

    • Hours of Service

    • Vehicle Maintenance

  • 8

    Load Boards

    • Load Boards

  • 9

    Dispatching Considerations

    • OTR vs Regional vs Local

    • Equipment

    • Appointment Time vs. First Come First Service

    • Weight of the Load

    • Weather

    • Driver Home Time & Holidays

    • Load Negotiation

  • 10

    Dispatching Scenarios

    • Scenario 1

    • Scenario 2

    • Scenario 3

    • Scenario 4

    • Scenario 5

  • 11

    Dispatching Loads

    • Dispatching

Meet Your Instructors

Eric Ball

Hello, I am Truckestates an expert in Truck Safety and improving companies overall performance in safety. I have more than 10 years experience in the trucking industry. I have held a certification in Level 1-3 inspections, Hazmat, buses, accident investigation and, drug and alcohol recognition. I have testified in court against truck companies and drivers with conviction rate above a 90%.

I have inspected more than 5,000 trucks and interview more than 10,000 drivers as they travel across the United States.

Subsequently, thousands of companies daily operations have been canceled due to out of service violations issued roadside. I'm responsible for making sure fleet owners, drivers and dispatchers are aware of the hazardous issues that can disrupt their daily operations and can possibly shut their companies down for life.

Damien Jones

Damien Jones oversees the finance, accounting and compliance activities for a fleet of 26 units. Damien has been in Transportation for over 11 years in this capacity. Damien’s background includes experience as an Internal Auditor in which he assessed business operations including compliance for a multitude of businesses in the Healthcare Industry.

Damien holds a Accounting degree from Texas Arlington and a MBA from Texas A&M. Damien is passionate about creating the next generation of fleet owners through comprehensive trucking education.

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Learning Trucking Made Easy

Derek McLeod

Grasping new concepts is always a challenge; however, when information is disseminating via friendly faces it’s made easy

Grasping new concepts is always a challenge; however, when information is disseminating via friendly faces it’s made easy

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